New Lyft Driver- My First Day As A Full Time Lyft Driver- Lyft Driver Training Video


Published At : Feb-26-2017

Publisher : Ryan Flies Things

Category : Travel & Events

Are you interested in getting into the rideshare industry? Are you already in the rideshare industry and are interested in experiencing being your own boss? If so, hit the "subscribe" button and come along with me as I start my full time rideshare career and lets learn together. I will be driving for both companies so it may kind of an Uber vs Lyft kind of deal but we will have to watch and see. Should you delete uber over the recent happenings with them and the media? Are you a part of the #deleteuber movemet? I am still driving myself but let us know in the comments how you feel about the subject. If you are curious about signing up and your first day of driving and more then look below for my promo link. I can also offer some Lyft and Uber driver training as well. Just send me a message and more than likely I will respond. Learn how to drive for Uber/Lyft as well through my channel. ------------------------------------------------ Want to DRIVE FOR LYFT? CLICK BELOW AND GET UP TO A $1000 SIGN UP BONUS! LYFT Disclaimer: All passengers on camera are aware of the camera during the ride and agreed to be on camera.


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