MEET MY PETS! (My 35+ Pets In One Video!)


Published At : Jun-24-2018

Publisher : Emma Lynne Sampson

Category : Film & Animation

The most basic pet video ever. MEET MY PETS! AGAIN! In this video you'll meet all the animals I own from rabbits, to snakes, to mice, to goldfish and more! DISCLAIMER: Animals are a huge responsibility and in no way am I promoting anyone buying these animals. Animals have been my passion for many years and I have done extensive research on many different species. While I am capable of caring for 30+ animals, many people are not. Before you buy an animal, please do extensive research, using multiple sources and think long and hard before buying any pet! DON'T FORGET TO LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE! SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram: @emmasam99 Twitter: @emmasam99 Snapchat: emmasam99 Younow: EmmaLSampson ANIMALS IN THIS VIDEO: Dorito - Crested gecko Titan - Lesser Ball Python Toby - Pastel Pied Ball Python Casper - Banana Ball Python Angel - Normal Ball Python Bella - Merauke Blue Tongue Skink Viper - Garden Phase Amazon Tree Boa Ghost - Ghost Corn Snake Tangerine - Normal Corn Snake Pepper - Hypo Leopard Gecko Daisy - African Fat Tailed Gecko Rocky - Pueblan Milk Snake Willow - Childrens Python Comet - Normal Kenyan Sand Boa Derek - Gargoyle Gecko Lucas - Mexican Red Rump Tarantula Astro - Albino Pacman Frog Cinderella - Pink Toed Tarantula Pascal - Veiled Chameleon Mark - Standings Day Gecko 75 Gallon Reef Tank - Unstocked Opal - Betta Fish Mickie + Minnie - Black Moor Goldfish Pumpkin - Syrian Hamster Spice - Syrian Hamster Henry - Campbells Dwarf Hamster Snacc - Male Mouse Blossom - Female Mouse Clover - Female Mouse Peach - Female Mouse Sunny - Unknown Breed Rabbit Thumper - Netherland Dwarf Rabbit (Poss Mixed) Peanut - Netherland Dwarf Rabbit (Poss Mixed)


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