The Key to defeating the Night King | Have we been misled? | Game of Thrones Season 8 Theory


Published At : Jul-09-2018

Publisher : GrayArea

Category : Entertainment

Filming for Game of Thrones Season 8 is done!! But Game of Thrones Season 8 won't be back until 2019 so Let's try to figure out what is going on! Everyone thinks the "Hero" of the story is going to be Jon Snow or Daenerys Targaryen.. But have we been misled? Upon further examination of different scenes and different quotes and everything as a whole I think the devil is in the details and everything isn't as it appears at face value! You have to look deeper and look at the true message that's being displayed in plain sight! The Message is that Bran Stark could be the Prince who was promised... or something similar! And Bran Stark is the most important character in the entire story! Stay Tuned for the Evidence! Thanks for Watching! Please Subscribe! Part 2 is a Monster of a Video that will be available tomorrow! White Walker Exploration Podcasts Ft. Secrets of the Citadel Part 1: Part 2: Children of the Forest Exploration Podcast Ft. Joe Magician True Power : **Free Trial For Audible** Your First Audio Book is Free!!! ** Get your Sweet summer Family Shirts and Merch here!** ****Support Me on Patreon**** ** Volume 1 of Fire and Blood by GRRM Pre -Order ** Song: VΛNTE - Oblivion Link: Music provided by FreeMusicWave. Follow Me on Instagram: Follow Me on Twitter: Sources Used! ASOIAF Novels, GRRM's works HBO Series Game of Thrones, A **Knight of the Seven Kingdoms and A World of Ice and Fire, The Princess and The Queen (Dangerous Women) , The Rouge Prince (Rouges), The World of Ice and Fire App, Sons of the Dragon (Book of Swords) **A Song of Ice and Fire **Dangerous Women **Rouges **The Book of Swords **A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms **A World of Ice and Fire **Game of Thrones Season 7 ** Links with (**) are sponsored/affiliate links which means, if you use those links to purchase a product I am compensated. However, I will never recommend you anything that I would NOT buy myself or that I do not currently own. Your Support is much appreciated!


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