Huge M.E. History Now Shows The Twin Towers Had A Large Antenna or Pole On Top!

Published At : Feb-28-2019

Publisher : Mandela Effect Residue

Category : Education

This one is really incredible folks! In my reality, the Twin Towers NEVER had this large Antenna/Pole, or whatever this thing is on top. I can't find any information on it either, or what it was for exactly. But these screen shots speak for themselves because they fade in and out of existence even in the same movies!!! Also I have a photo of BIg Ben having only one face; I didn't intend to cover this but I was doing a slide show and since I forgot it was there with the Towers photos, I briefly talked about it. But In this video you will see screen shots of scenes of movies from 1972 all the way to 2008, and some have it and some don't. Not only that but there are at least 5 different versions! At first I thought it was 4. But I explain it further in the video. I did not tamper with any of these; not even color, sharpness, contrast, etc. These are straight screen shots, then to video. I also found it very interested that there was this movie from 2008. I was like, what is that? You mean this film was shelved for 7 years?? That is also something to ponder as well, and possibly another M.E.


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