Soldering Technique - Joining Textured Metal


Published At : Feb-09-2016

Publisher : CoolToolsVideos

Category : Howto & Style

Check out the products used in this video: Terri McCarthy, local artist, instructor and metalsmith from Grafton, WI visited Cool Tools to create these "How to" videos. Terri demonstrates a technique using white-out to keep solder exactly where you want it, eliminating solder in unwanted areas. The tools and supplies are listed below. Wooden Dapping Block (DAP-312) Wood Dapping Mallet (DAP-319) Pickle Pot (POL-810) Silver Prep (SOL-101) Solder Cutting Pliers (PLR-152) Cutting Pliers (PLR-400) Big Shot Industrial Torch (SOL-704) Solder Pick (SOL-301) Cross Lock Tweezers (TWZ-302) Torch Lighter (SOL-750) Silver Solder - Cut Pieces - Easy (SOL-225) Silver Solder Wire (SOL-217) Flux (SOL-108) Flux Brush (PNT-403) Earring Post Tweezers (TWZ-104) Annealing Pan with Pumice (SOL-504) Patina Gel (POL-802) Soldering Board (SOL-406) Water Dish (ACC-211)


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